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Privacy policy

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Dr Mohamed Hazem Abdelazeem, Face & Body Clinic. is providing an online consultations using video conference/voice calling.

This Agreement applies to online medical consultation services provided by Dr Mohamed Hazem Abdelazeem, Face & Body Clinic.

Patients may share images or videos of the affected areas of their body parts with the clinic only if it is absolutely necessary for diagnosing his/her condition and if he/she is personally comfortable in sharing such images or videos.

Patients agree not to record video or audio during zoom meeting. Patients are not allowed to use any part of the meeting.The clinic agrees that they shall not disclose any information or documentation provided by a patient to any other person, nor shall they allow, by act or omission, such information or documentation to be acquired by any other person. 

Should there be any issues, the patient may contact the clinic support team via


By showing in the zoom meeting the patient is accepting  the terms of this policy. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Egyptian law and Zoom privacy policy.

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