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Face Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments are designed to improve the texture, clarity and overall appearance of your skin. These procedures can improve the effects of skin damage, such as wrinkles, blotches or scarring. Skin rejuvenation can be achieved in a number of ways, ranging from laser, light and other energy-based treatments to chemical peels and other non-ablative methods. The result is a smoother, clearer and more youthful appearance to your skin.

Skin rejuvenation may be able to treat:

  • Static wrinkles, which are wrinkles that are visible at all times and do not change in appearance with facial movements

  • Pigmentation of the skin, including freckles, sun spots, melasma, or other darkened patches of skin resulting mainly from sun exposure

  • Scars that may appear as the result of acne or injury to the skin. Scars may be rolling (a wavy appearance to the skin), pitted, discoloured, or have raised borders

  • Vascular conditions, such as having blood vessels that are visible on the surface of the skin, vascular lesions that appear as tiny blood filled blisters or even a constant flush of facial redness

  • Loss of skin tone caused by weakening of the supportive skin structure (collagen and elastin fibres) that results in a loss of skin firmness, or the development of cellulite

What can a male facial rejuvenation do for you?

  • Highlight your masculine features

  • Trim away excess skin and fat on the face and neck

  • Address a double chin or poorly defined jawline

  • Correct heavy bags and droopy eyelids

  • Restore lost facial volume

Non surgical facial rejuvenation
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