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Corrective facial bone surgery

Corrective facial surgery can enhance the quality of life on many fronts, from providing standard usage of the mouth and jaw to dramatically improving physical appearance. 

Facial trauma can happen quickly and as a result of things like car accidents, sports injuries, or other emergencies.

These injuries can often be complex and result in fractures that require expert knowledge of facial and jaw structure. We performs facial trauma surgeries for patients who need correction for both cosmetic and functional concerns.

Virtually all post-traumatic facial reconstruction involves repairing soft tissue injuries using stitches. With the assistance of microsurgery techniques, facial nerves, salivary glands, and salivary ducts may also be treated. Soft tissue asymmetry, misalignment, or deficiency can all be corrected after the initial traumatic repair.

Many serious facial injuries also involve repairing facial bone fractures. Facial fracture repair can help improve facial form and function. This is typically done by using plate-and-screw fixation devices to connect the facial bones to stabilize your facial structure in the desired shape. If your bite is off or your bones are asymmetric, a post-traumatic procedure can improve or correct the condition in many cases.

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