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Hair fall Mesotherapy treatment

Hair Loss Mesotherapy is an extremely effective non-surgical solution for hair loss, and can help to increase the thickness and condition of thin, dull hair.

Mesotherapy is a treatment stimulating natural regenerative processes. It is a method of treating various skin disorders by inserting small doses of medicinal substances directly into the target area.

Long-term exposure to harmful environmental factors, stress, smoking, drugs, and solar radiation causes adverse hair changes. Mesotherapy makes it possible to reverse or stop many adverse changes, and is a valuable component of anti-ageing medicine.

Hair Loss Mesotherapy involves superficial insertions of the substances to the scalp which stimulate growth and prevent hair from falling out (mainly anti-inflammatory medicines, vitamins and nutritive substances). The medicines are selected on an individual basis, to meet the patient’s needs.

Scalp mesotherapy is recommended in particular to persons who suffer from losing hair and alopecia. Excessive hair loss is frequently a problem of both men and women. Ladies recognize the first signs of baldness in themselves sooner and sooner than men undertake struggle with this problem. Treatment efficacy in case of women is satisfactory, but it sometimes takes as long as several months to see satisfactory results.

Scalp mesotherapy may also be performed as preventive treatment.


  • Women and men struggling with hair loss

  • People under chronic stress, which may cause excess hair loss

  • Women and men with hormonal disorders leading to hair loss – mesotherapy as a maintenance treatment until the hormonal level is rebalanced

  • Women after pregnancy – pregnancy often increases hair loss

  • Women in menopause

  • Excessive stress

  • Androgenic, Circumscribed and Diffuse alopecia

  • Women and men who want to strengthen hair, especially at the turn of seasons when hair may fall out more intensely than on average

  • Men preparing for a hair transplant surgery – reconstruction of even part of the hair that hasn’t fallen out may reduce the scope of the hair transplant surgery

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