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Post-burn scars

Burn survivors can become frustrated that they still have issues with scarring after their initial burn injury has healed. Hypertrophic burn scars (raised scars in the area of the original burn) are the most common complication of a burn injury and can limit a survivor’s ability to function as well as affect their body image. It is difficult to predict who will develop scarring. Research shows that less severe burns that heal in less than 14 days generally have no scarring. More severe burns heal in 14 to 21 days and put you at a risk of scarring. Burns that take more than 21 days to heal are at very high risk for scarring and may require skin grafting.

Hypertrophic scars:

  • Stay within the area of the original burn injury.

  • Develop within the first few months after the injury.

  • Often have a deep red to purple color and are raised above the surface of the skin.

  • Can be warm to the touch, hypersensitive, and itchy.

  • Are more prominent and noticable around joints where skin tension and movement are high.

Surgical treatment including laser treatment may be an option if scarring prevents you from performing certain activities.

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