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Face and neck rejuvenation 

As we age, our facial muscles weaken and we see flattening of our cheeks, deepening of our marionette lines, jowling, and banding or fullness of our necks. We provides all surgical and non-surgical options for face and neck rejuvenation. Our treatments and procedures provide natural results giving our patients a rested and refreshed appearance. Our patients do not look overdone, pulled, or different.

Face and neck rejuvenation brings back the youthful bulk to the mid face, softens face lines and wrinkles, improves jowls and jawline contour, removes sagging skin and fat under your chin, and improves hanging neck skin. Depending on your specific anatomy and treatment plan, We often recommends combining other procedures to provide the best results to reach your goals.

Facelift improves facial volume, cheek contour, sagging skin, and jawline definition.  Facelift for each person’s individual differences in facial shape due to bone structure, soft tissue bulk, and skin quality.

Neck Lift removes fat from under the chin and neck, repairs herniated platysma muscles, repositions and lifts underlying tissue, and removes excess skin. 

Patients concerned with sagging jowls, lost jawline contour, sagging and/or hanging neck skin, will require a Facelift combined with a Neck Lift to address their concerns. We may also suggest MicroNeedle RF to improve skin elasticity. For some patients with prominent neck glands, 

Mini Facelift improves facial volume, cheek contour, and smile lines. Facial muscles are repositioned to restore lost volume to the mid face.

Radio Frequency (RF) energy to accurately and uniformly stimulate collagen and tighten skin along the jawline. It is performed in the sub-dermal layer to safely contract and contour skin tissue. RF Energy improves collagen and strengthens elastin fibers improving underlying tissue and skin.

Fractional MicroNeedle RF is a collagen generating treatment that improves skin quality. The treatment stimulates skin with rejuvenating Radiofrequency (RF) energy using a device with innovative fine needles that create tiny punctures in the top skin layers. The treatment triggers the skin to create new collagen and elastin.

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