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Facial Bones Fractures

Accidents and trauma can cause painful and disfiguring facial fractures that change the structure of the face. 

A facial fracture is a broken bone in the face. The face has a complex bone structure. The facial skeleton consists of the:

  • Frontal bone (forehead).

  • Zygomas (cheekbones).

  • Orbital bones (eye sockets).

  • Nasal bones. 

  • Maxillary bones (upper jaw).

  • Mandible (lower jaw). 

There are many other bones that are found deeper within the facial structure. Muscles required for chewing, swallowing and talking are attached to these bones.

You might only have one fracture, or you might have several broken bones. Multiple fractures are more likely to occur during a motor vehicle accident or other high-impact accident. Fractures may be unilateral (occurring on one side of the face) or bilateral (occurring on both sides of the face).

What causes facial fractures?

  • High-impact accidents, such as motor vehicle accidents.

  • Sports injuries.

  • Workplace accidents.

  • Falls.

  • Interpersonal trauma like fighting or domestic violence.

Facial bones
face bone fractures
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